Important Tips When Installing Sunset Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The wood tones of sunset maple kitchen cabinets are deep and dark, which means they’re easy to blend in when you have a darker kitchen, if you don’t highlight them and choose the right accessories.  You don’t want your cabinets of any color to seem dull and dreary, and if you’re going to invest in new cabinets, of course you want the tones and highlights to be showcased.

The light in your kitchen should be considered, and a new fixture may be in order on a regular basis.  Usually fixtures start to look outdated after about five years, so think about how long it’s been since you got a new one for yourself.  Brass can look outdated and will clash with your sunset maple kitchen cabinets, and fluorescent does nothing to bring out the wood tones of your cabinets.  A new fixture can highlight the wood and ensure it glows.

The colors of your other surfaces are important to consider when you have sunset maple kitchen cabinets.  Because the color is somewhat darker, you may want a lighter shade on the walls.  White may be too stark, so consider at least an off-white or antique white for your paint color.

If you can get new floor tiles and countertops, these should be considered also.  Lighter shades will help your sunset maple kitchen cabinets to stand out  whereas darker shades may mean that everything blends in and nothing is prominent.  When you pick out colors for your other surfaces you may be trying to think of shades that match but this can be a mistake.  Consider complementary shades that are lighter and brighter.  This will ensure your kitchen is welcoming and cozy but not dark and dreary, and will mean your sunset maple kitchen cabinets really stand out.
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