Sunset Maple Kitchen Cabinets for an Open Design

Sometimes, when you are making changes to the kitchen in your home, you like to take it gradually because you are making other transitions with your home designs and everything needs to fit together just right.  One thing that you will realize early on in the project is that the kitchen seems to set the tone and color scheme for adjacent rooms and sometimes the entire floor.

What part of the kitchen acts as the base for the rest of the design in the room?  The cabinets, of course.  Kitchen cabinets are functional installations that also have an aesthetic purpose.  The style and color that you choose will have a significant influence on the rest of the kitchen.  This means that it is a good idea, if you are taking things one step at a time, to replace the cabinets first.  In order to leave the design “open”, which means that you have much more room to choose different colors for flooring, countertops, paints and appliances, you must pick a cabinet design that is neutral.

Sunset Maple kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice.  These are glowing, yet subtle cabinets with a basic structure that allows for all color schemes to fit into place as you progress toward completion of your remodeling project with the kitchen and the rest of the home.  This is the “keep it simple” method.  Don’t be mistaken, Sunset Maple kitchen cabinets are beautiful.  They work with both contemporary and classic designs and even hybrid designs.

Take a look online at the RTA Cabinet Store and see what these cabinets look like and what they have to offer because there is a lot.  Order a sample door and that will give you a better idea of the possibilities and seeing the doors in person is always helpful.  Once you replace your old cabinets in the kitchen with Sunset Maple, you will be glad you did and you will understand the idea of an open design.  Now you have the room to make clear decisions about other parts of the kitchen and the adjoining dining area, a kitchen island, a bar and more.

There are many different design ideas that are highlighted at the RTA Cabinet Store’s website not only for the Sunset Maple Collection but for every single one of their kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity collections. Throwing down a warm area rug on top of some nice hardwood or tile floors will warm up your kitchen space for sure. Maybe an older heirloom Persian rug isn’t the best but you can’t go wrong with a newer looking oriental rug. It doesn’t have to be both rustic or farmhouse furniture but a combination of the both or one or the other for a style of your furniture always works well with the sunset maple cabinets. Whether it’s a set of bar stools or a kitchen table and chairs, it will compliment your space beautifully. One specific example are Windsor chairs with hooped backs and decorative spindles. For other design ideas and information about their Sunset Maple kitchen cabinets, visit the RTA Cabinet Store today.
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